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Christian is supported by local, state, and national Democrats. We're in this mission together.


Endorsement from the Official Collegiate Branch of the DNC

"Christian Figueroa's journey has been a testament to the values we hold dear at the College Democrats of America - progress, unity, and unwavering dedication to a better future for all.


As the College Democrats of America, we are honored to endorse Christian for his run for DNC Membership. His tireless commitment to the cause, his relentless passion, and his proven track record as our former Membership Director exemplify the kind of leadership we need. Together, with Christian Figueroa at the helm, we have the opportunity to not just dream of a brighter future but to actively work towards it.


We believe in Christian's vision, and we stand with him in this journey toward a more inclusive, compassionate, and equitable future." 

CADEM Region 3 Director, Jeff Koertzen

CADEM Executive Board Member, Analisa Swan

ADEM Delegate, Suzanne Goldberg

DNC Member, Carolyn Salvador Avila

DNC Member, Justin Parker

DNC Member (Fmr.), Aliah Rowe

DC College Dems President, Robert Palacios

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